Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Knitting Lately, With Some Perspective

There have been some great knitting developments happening lately.  The first being that I attended my second knitting group meet up, and it is actually only the third one that the group has ever had and attendance is growing rapidly.  The first meet up had one person there (not me), and at the second there were three of us.  Well on Sunday there were eight of us (I think).  I snapped the photo below before everyone else arrived because the space is beautiful, and the view is amazing, and the weather had been fantastic all day. 
 The second great thing happening is that once a few of the girls (or ladies, not sure which one fits) at work realised that I knit, the idea of knitting at lunch somehow transpired.  So now every day at lunch a few of us knit, which is great because it is a nice way to break up the working day.  It has been a bit of an eye-opener for me, because it makes me realise how far I have come with knitting as I answer some questions that other people have.  And I can answer them, because i know what things like garter stitch, or W&T mean, and can explain how they should check their gauge before starting a project.  Plus it stops me from sitting at my desk surfing the Internet all lunch hour.
So the third knitting-related this is that I finally used the blocking squares that I bought from Knit Picks ages ago, and they are great!  It was so nice to have something to actually pin to, as opposed to a towel on my ironing board.  Which would not have worked for the blanket show below.  I have no idea what I would have done.  Probably just not blocked it.  But wow, what a different it make, the shape was all wonky and not square at all before I did that.  I also blocked the Dovetail Cowl I mentioned a few days ago, and it made an even more noticeable difference for that project.  So that was $40 well spent (or however much it was I spent on those boards).
OK I will stop rambling...for now.  BTW, I do believe that these may be my worst quality pictures yet.  Yikes.

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