Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First CO of 2012

So staying true to this post, the first thing I cast on for in 2012 was the first item in my queue on Ravelry.  I guess maybe I should actually go and update Ravelry now.  I cast on for the Dovetail Cowl because the wool was a Christmas gift, attached to a promise to knit a cowl as soon as the recepient chose a pattern that she liked, to match gloves that I made her last Christmas.  Words can not at all describe how soft this wool is, and how soft the WIP is turning out to be, but I can't stop touching it!
Also I had an expiring gift certificate to a nearby wool store that I had to use up, so went with my mom on Saturday to use it up.  It turns out that it wouldn't have actually expired, but after I had invested so much time browsing the store and choosing wool, it was too late!  Also, my purchases may (or my not) have altered the list of 2012 knits I was contemplating, and planning on working on.  But more on that, and my purchases, later.

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