Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Partay Favors

I posted a little preview pic last week to show off the favors I was working on for my parent's anniversary party, and here is a follow up about how I made them.

I went out and bought a few bags of Hershey mini bars, which I think are being discontinued, btw.  I chose them because I thought they would be perfect for coving up with scrapbook paper in the colors that we chose for the party.
I also went to a dollar store nearby, and bought a bag of mini ziploc bags (3"x5" I believe).
I then took them to the paper cutter, and chopped off all the ziploc parts at the top, leaving open bags.  Btw, don't ever buy these bags at the dollar store if you actually need to use the ziploc part...soo crappy, i couldn't even get them open if I tried, without wrecking the bags.
 I measured the bag width (3") and then determined how tall I wanted my toppers to be (1.5") and created a 3"x3" square in MS Word.  I added text, and flipped the 'Thank You' upside down.  I printed 8 per page on some cardstock, and then folded in half, leaving me with a 3"x1.5" topper.  I used my heart-shaped punch to add the heart to one side.  I had to improvise a little bit here, because I had wanted the hearts to be facing upwards and not sideways, but didn't plan for that very well because it wasn't possible with the punch I have.  Anyways...the sideways hearts ended up looking really cute.
 Next I put three bars in each little chopped up ziploc bag, making sure they were all lined up properly.  I also lined up the bars by type so that each bag had 3 different types of bar (I am OCD like that).
 Next up, I cut little strips of colored paper to show up behind the heart shape I punched out.  (Forgot to take pics of that, but they were just little rectangles...).  I then stapled everything together in the following order:
1.  Open topper, 2. bag with chocolates inside, 3.  Rectangular colored cardstock.
It is a bit finicky to hold everyting perfectly still while trying to staple, so after fidgeting with one or two I got smart and held the bag to the cardstock with a bit of double-sided tape.
I then put a few pieces of double sided tape down before closing the topper.  This ensured that it stayed closed properly.  Once they were in place I just pressed the topper down to tape shut.
 And here is the final product!  They are pretty cute, and pretty sturdy too.  Too bad people will be ripping them open and eating them in a few days.

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