Thursday, December 29, 2011

Knits For 2012

I was taking a look at my Ravelry queue yesterday, and couldn't believe how many things I had forgotten that I had added over the past little while.  I know that while this list isn't that big compared to some other's queues on Ravelry, its still bigger than I am likely to ever complete in the next year.
So I thought maybe I should actually use that handy feature that Ravelry provides where you can sort projects in order of priority in order to figure out what projects to work on next.
I also used that opportunity to do a bit of housecleaning, and get rid of some items I had added just to bookmark because there had been times I wanted to find a particular type of pattern, and queued everything that I thought might be applicable.
Let me tell you, that feature on Ravelry that allows you to order your queue is actually pretty great!  I just used it to rank the top ten items, everything below that is still a jumbled mess with no particular order.

Without further ado, here is a quick rundown of the top ten:

1.  Dovetail Cowl
As I mentioned here, I bought a skein of Royal Alpaca wool in black for an xmas gift, and this is the cowl pattern that she chose.  So that is why the project is ranked #1, because I need to get to it first. 
Photo Found Here
2.  Jeweled Cowl
Yes, I know.  I have already made this twice, and the first one was unravelled, and the second one still needs to be.  But I am brave, so I am going to try it again - twice.  I have two skeins of wool ready to go for this project.  The first one will be for my mom, who was supposed to get the one I screwed up, mentioned here.

Photo Found Here
 3.   Pine Forest Baby Blanket
I have already made this once, and loved it.  Another friend of mine is expecting, and I think this pattern is the perfect gift. 
Photo Found Here

4.  Christopher
I can't remember where I first saw a post about this project, but as soon as I looked at it, and at how good all the finished projects looked, I knew I had to try it.  I love how professional it looks, and am intruiged by the fact that it is reversible, and has no seams!  I love no seams!
Photo Found Here
5.  Business Casual
I am always up for knitting socks, even if they take forever and get put on the back-burner a lot.  When I saw this pattern posted recently I fell in sock love.

Photo Found Here
6.  Guernsey Wrap
There isn't really anything to say, except that I love the look of this pattern.  That is all.

Photo Found Here
7.  Textured Shawl
I found this pattern because I wanted to find a use for some yarn I purchased and stumbled across this.  I guess now that I think about it, this is very similar to number 6.  Oh well.
Photo Found Here
8.  Smockies
I have been promising to make my best friend some fingerless mitts for quite some time now.  I love the look of this pattern, and plus once when she came to a wool store with me, there were some in the store that were made up that looked a bit like these, and she liked them.
Photo Found Here
9 & 10.  Tied.  Sweater.  Maybe...
So I think I want to attempt to knit myself a sweater...maybe.  If I do it needs to be something kind of timeless, and something I will actually wear.  Over the past little while I have come across two items I may actually oneday knit.  Aidez and Thermal
photo found here
Photo Found Here
Whew!  That is it.  We will see how long it takes before my priorities change though.

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