Monday, November 21, 2011

Construction Details

So I was making another ribbon box this weekend (to sell this time) and so I snapped a few pics of what I was doing.  I just start out with a photo storage box, from Michaels.  They put them on sale all the time, and recently were 5/$10.  Paired with a 25% off coupon, they became pretty darn cheap! 
I figured out how many ribbons I wanted to store in the box, and did a bit of math to figure out how far apart to place my holes, and began punching.  After some trial and error I also decided that it is easier to punch one hole and measure the next to make sure I am on the right track.
 Once all the holes were punched on both sides I took some large eyelets, and set on in each hole, to give it a more finished look, and also to extend the life of the box.  I figure this way the cardboard wont get worn out by having ribbons pulled through all the time.
 Lastly, I had bought a long 1.25" dowel from Home Depot a few weeks ago while I was there trying to find parts for my broken kitchen sink.  I had it chopped up into pieces that fit perfectly inside the box.
 And thats it.  And it will be wrapped up and put under someone's Christmas Tree this year.

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