Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tag Party Package

So when I uploaded these pictures all I could think was that they a) looked terrible because my camera sucks and my photo skill are sub-par and b) didn't even begin to do justice to the amount of thought and work that I have put into these packages.  So I immediately felt like this post, which in my mind was going to be fantastic, is actually going to be pretty lame, but I will do my best.  

What makes up a tag party package, I am sure you have been dying to know...and now I will tell you all my secrets.  Each kit will come in a large plastic bag, (why my family own rolls and rolls of these clear plastic phone book bags is a story for another day) and will also contain a small kraft paper lunch bag, which holds all the goodies, plus will be a way for people to take their finished products home.

I already mentioned these little kraft bags and what inspired them here, and so this is just another shot of how they turned out.  The tag will have the receiver's name on them, and I also hope to attach a little list of everything that is found in their kits behind the tag.  We will see if time permits.

Each kit gets 4 full sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper, approx. 10 6x12 sheets of paper, and 8 4x4 squares of paper.  The 6x12 sheets are fancy, and pretty and fun.  I had also given a preview shot here of what the process of splitting up the paper looked like.  I wanted to try and package the paper up according to people's age, taste and personality as best I could.  So I layed out post-it notes with people's name on them, and went from there. 

Probably the most painstaking part of the process was creating all the templates for people's kits.  A lot of the stuff we will be doing at the party requires punches and tools that I own, and will be shared at the party but I wanted to give them a few tools that they could keep using at home.  I guess the templates could probably get their own post sometime in the future so that I can show you which templates I chose to include.  Two of them were inspired by this pic that I found on Pinterest:

original souce found here
I went to Staples and found these durable plastic binder dividers that you can actually write on with ball point pen, so I simply traced all five templates that I wanted to include and then cut them out.  (HA!  I like how I say 'simply', but when you are providing 5 templates for 16 kits that equals 80 templates!!!  I had some severe hand cramps going on during the cutting process).

And last but definitely not least is the little bag of goodies included (and the worst picture of them all).  Desktop lamp + shiny plastic bag + point-and-shoot Canon = crappy crappy photo.
But anyways, each kit contains about 35 eyelets, some brads, adhesive jewels, 'Merry Christmas' stickers and 3D adhesive dots. 

And so there you have it - the anatomy of a tag party package.  Included in the party fee is also all adhesives, fancy ribbon and embelishments, buttons, and ribbon to string on the tags.  Not bad for $8!  I wish i got invited to a party like this!

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