Monday, November 28, 2011

Special Delivery

Well, not special like wool from the Netherlands.  And not a surprise, and not really on time either.  But I had been waiting for it nevertheless.  I finally broke down and ordered myself some real blocking mats.  I ordered these from KnitPicks as opposed to some of the boards that are available because I don't really have somewhere to store a big board in my 750 sq ft apartment.  Come to think of it, I don't know where to store a box full of blocking squares yet either...I wish that I had also ordered their blocking wires since I was paying for shipping anyways.  Oh well, next time I guess.
I do have a few things that are waiting to be blocked, and am looking forward to it because I have never anywhere to property block something before.  I have done some small items like gloves, etc on an old towel, pinned to my ironing board. 
First up will be my Baby Elliott blanket, because said baby has now arrived!  This blanket has been finished and waiting for blocking for months now.

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