Sunday, November 6, 2011

Done, But Soon to be Undone

So, sock one is finished, but not for long because I am about to rip it out down to the foot and re-build it. It was really fast and easy, but I am not really happy with the finished product.  The length of the foot is a bit long, at least I think that is what is wrong with the fit.  Something is not quite right.
Also I need to investigate a better cast-off method because the one I used (just a regular bind-off) is way too tight around my calf.  Also even though the length of the leg of the sock is exactly what the pattern says it should be (and its a men's pattern) it is way shorter than I imagined this sock to be, so that will get length added as well.
We will see if this help and makes me love this sock more.  I am afraid that knitting with the yarn held double will result in a bulky sock that never quite fits right.

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