Monday, December 5, 2011

Active Pug

On Saturday I had to (well okay wanted to) go to Three Bags Full, a great knitting shop on Main St. in Vancouver, and I thought Maurice might like to come with me, and go for a walk afterwards.  Well...not so much.  Too many people, too many sandwich boards (of which he is terrified), too many noises, etc.  He kind of slunk along the sidewalk with his tail down, terrified, watching his back the whole time.

So yesterday, we did something that is more his speed.  We went to the New West Quay, which is walking distance from our apartment, and strolled along the river.  It was so nice out yesterday. 
picture found here

He has come a long way, because when he was a puppy he was too terrified to walk on the wooden boardwalk, and it has taken him almost his entire life to work up the courage to look over the edge!

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