Friday, December 16, 2011

On Learning New Things

I think I am a bit of a fearless knitter, because I choose what to knit based on seeing a pattern that I like, and never on what my current skill level is.  Never have I come across a knitting project and thought "ooh, i love that, I want to make it" and then looked and the pattern and thought "oh, never mind.  I don't know how to cast on that way" or "I don't know what that means".  I think "I am going to make this".  Okay I will be honest, usually I am thinking "omg, i need to drop everything else and make this right now".

The great thing about knitting is that if you make a mistake you can just unravel what you have done, and try again.  Over and over again.  (which is what happened to me when I was trying to teach myself how to knit in the round on DPNs).
And if you come across a term you don't know, or a technique that you haven't yet learned, almost everything you can think of can be found on either Google or YouTube.

So that is how I ended up knitting this baby sweater.  I wanted to expand my knitting knowledge, but wasn't sure I wanted to invest the time (and most importantly) the funds learning to make an adult sweater.  I still don't even know if I ever really want to knit myself a sweater, because honestly would I really wear it a lot, and do I want to go spend probably five times the money on wool that I would likely spend grabbing a sweater at the mall.  Althought when I come across posts like this one, that makes me reconsider.

To be honest I think I probably could have chosen a more challenging project, because this sweater is knit in one piece - well the body is anyways.  And I finished that fairly quickly...and it has been sitting armless, and bandless in the front since then.  I stopped at that point because I realised I didn't own the correct size DPNs to finish the rest.  I have since bought some, but haven't finished. 
So I plan on getting to that soon, but for now this is what I have got:

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