Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Rush

Everything has been such a crazy rush lately, and I feel like I have been able to just get to the bare minimum of everything.  I hate it, and its a terrible feeling, especially at Christmas.  Here is a very good (and embarassing) example:  I set up my Christmas tree two weeks ago, and it doesn't have anything on it.  Okay well one thing - a pug ornament that was given to us as a gift a little while ago.  How terrible is that?  It doesn't even have a tree skirt!  Thankfully its a pre-lit tree, and its white, so when plugged in it gives the apartment an amazing soft glow when its dark outside (which is pretty much all the time I am ever home).  Plus Maurice really seems to like to sit under the tree, he spends all his free time (which is basically all his time) sitting there.

Was planning on a post about the things I really wanted to do and make this Christmas season, but Blogger seems to be going a bit haywire right now, so I will wait on that.

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